Ready Decks Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Ready Deck?

a. A Ready Deck® is a pre-priced, custom-fit deck, built onsite at your home using our patented tools and building processes.


Q. What makes Ready Decks® different from other decking companies?

a.) Ready Decks® offers a wide variety of outdoor living products, from Ready Decks® and Ready Porches™ to screen rooms, all pre-priced and constructed of high-quality building materials using our unique and patented tools and building processes. More importantly, though, Ready Decks® stands by our products in the only way that matters—a warranty


Q. Are Ready Decks® nailed or screwed?

a.) The answer is neither. Ready Decks® uses hot dipped galvanized ring-shank fasteners that are designed and manufactured specifically for use in treated lumber like we use to build all of our outdoor living products. These fasteners are ACQ approved and even though ACQ is not the industrial standard anymore, it is still the chosen fastener for the MCQ lumber or equivalent.  We chose ring-shank fasteners over nails and screws because, frankly, our fasteners are better. Nails have a tendency to back out over time. Screws will corrode and break. These negative aspects allow your deck to move and separate. Ring-shank fasteners help prevent moving and separation, thus increasing the lifespan of your new Ready Decks® product.


Q. Do you cement your posts into the ground?

a.) We offer cemented posts as an upgrade item, but usually concrete post footings are unnecessary. Our decks are built atop a PolyVulc deck pad, manufactured specifically for the decking industry. The deck pads provide a stable foundation for your deck, helps prevent settling and most importantly, keeps wooden posts away from the ground. This can increase the longevity of your posts and extend the life of your new Ready Decks® product.

Q. What is the warranty?

a.) We have a minimum one year warranty on workmanship, and the treated Yellawood® lumber carries a limited lifetime warranty against rot and insect damage. We tell all of our customers, call us if you have a problem and we will help.


Q. Is this a kit deck?

a.) No. Ready Decks® are pre-price, built on-site and custom fit to your home.


Q. What is included with a standard Ready Deck?

a.) In short, a standard Ready Deck is complete and ready to enjoy. The price you are quoted includes handrails, one set of Ready Steps (up to 36” in height), balusters, all of the labor and installation costs, and the sales tax, where applicable. Be sure to ask about our full line of upgrades and add-ons, though, to make your Ready Decks® unique!


Q. Does Ready Decks® stain my new deck?

a.) We have a do-it-yourself stain kit available. The kit includes 5 gallons of Wood Defender® transparent stain, sprayer, brush, instructions and personal protective equipment you need. And of course your Ready Decks franchise will offer their advice and tips as well!


Q. Will I need a building permit?

a.) Possibly. You will need to check with your local permit office to see if a building permit is required in your area.


Q. How long will it take to build my new deck, porch or outdoor living space?

a.) When you first place your order, we will schedule your job at that time—usually within 1-2 weeks, unless you request a longer timeframe. Most of our decks are built in one business day. However, larger jobs can take multiple days. In this event, we schedule and work consecutively until your job is complete.


Q. What are payment options, when do I pay, and is the down payment?

 a.) We require a 10% down payment at the time of ordering, with the remainder of the balance due upon completion. On very large jobs interim payments may be required weekly.   We Accept All major credit cards, can work directly with your bank or finance company, and of course take personal check or cash.


Q. Do you offer financing?

a.) Yes! We have several financing options. Most locations offer 12 months no interest financing and applications can be taken quickly over the phone