Ready DecksĀ® History

Ready Decks® was originally conceptualized in 1998 by Bradley W. Johns.  Having started a company in 1997 called Vinyl Visions Inc., selling and installing custom vinyl decks and fences, Bradley quickly realized the need for not only great quality at an affordable price, but that his customers wanted to purchase a deck easily and have it built quickly.  He also found that most homeowners get nervous and worried that they are going getting ripped off or that their daily life will be disrupted for days or even weeks.  So after three years of research and development, Ready Decks® was officially available.  For the first time customers could find a deck that fit their budget and met their needs!  And even better, they could relax and even go to work, because they knew exactly what the deck would look like and how much the total cost would be!

But this was just the beginning. Bradley knew that, although he was providing good people with great a product and service, he could do better.  The next two years, he, along with much ingenuity input from his father, David W. Johns, critiqued and analyzed everything about what Ready Decks® was doing.  From literally every foot step taken, to lumber waste, to engineering, to accounting they worked day and night to bring prices down while increasing the quality and professionalism of service.

In 2003 Bradley was building at least one day each day, and was feeling great about his success and found even greater satisfaction in making his customers dreams become a reality.  Often he would be told, “I never thought that I could afford a nice deck like this!” This prompted him to then begin a quest to expand and provide more people his, apparently, much needed service.

In 2004 Ready Decks® was expanded to cover all of North Louisiana, East Texas and Southern Arkansas.  To control quality and continue the superior service, Bradley Johns teamed with John Owens to create Ready Decks® Franchise Systems.  This made available, the opportunity for someone to own and operate an innovative Ready Decks® location

Today Ready Decks® has four locations covering from West Mississippi to Dallas/Fort Worth area!  And the only thing that has changed is that we offer more options and products at the same low dependable price.